Random Musings on Once Upon A Time Ep 4.15 “Best Laid Plans”

Random Musings on Once Upon A Time Ep 4.15 “Best Laid Plans”

Okay guys, we’re gonna mix things up in our weekly OUAT post. Instead of a full recap I’ll post my random thoughts and theories that came up over the course of the episode. Please feel free to chime in with some of your own!

OUAT 415 author trapped

  • How fitting that Snow is the one who sees Dark!Emma when she and Charming touch the unicorn’s horn – given that she’s the one in the pair who ends up with the dark heart.
  • When did Emma become a master witch? Magically forging a page from the book? I’d love to see more Emma/Regina magic lessons.
  • Seriously with the staging in the Charming’s tiny little apartment – we’re supposed to believe that David and Mary Margaret can have a hushed conversation about keeping the truth from Emma without anyone hearing when Emma, Hook, and Henry are literally 5 feet away?!
  • Am I the only one who’d much rather see an Emma/August relationship than this Captain Swan deal that’s being forced on us?
  • Can’t Storybrooke get some updated cell phones? What’s with the ancient flip-phones guys?
  • Charming and Snow’s “visions” of Emma didn’t really make sense to me – why couldn’t happy baby Emma from David’s vision grow up to be Dark!Emma from Snow’s? Showing them at two different ages just didn’t work for me.

OUAT 415 baby emma

  • Maleficent asking Snow “And what are you?” in response to Snow calling her a monster was nice foreshadowing. Snow has done some monstrous things, starting with Maleficent’s baby apparently.
  • Speaking of which, I have no words to describe how wrong Snow and Charming sacrificing Maleficent’s baby was. The numbers on our hero side are steadily dwindling. Almost makes you want to root for the villains.

OUAT 415 dragon maleficentOUAT 415 maleficent

  • And Regina’s down again. I had hoped after 4A that we’d had enough of Regina getting knocked out.
  • The mysterious young Lily from 4A is Maleficent’s long-lost daughter. I am definitely looking forward to this story arc!
  • Interesting questions they’re bringing up by saying the Author manipulated Snow and Charming into what they did to Maleficent’s baby. If we’re giving responsibility to the Author and they didn’t have free, is that supposed to absolve them of their actions?

Notable quotes:

– “You can’t just un-Savior the Savior.” – Henry

– “To a man named Walt.” – August. (Walt Disney gets a mention!)

This episode was lacking in quippy comments, but the trip to Oz and return of Zelena in the next episode would seem to offer a lot of promise where that’s concerned. I’m hoping for at least one snarky remark about Robin Hood’s ridiculous outfit.

Okay guys, tell us know what you think. Thoughts? Theories? Are you enjoying this Heroes vs Villains plot? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more random musings when OUAT returns in two weeks!


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