Karen Gillan returns to Guardians 2

Karen Gillan returns to Guardians 2

James Gunn is the man where social media is concerned. He tries to be as open as The Marvel Mouse will allow him to be with fans about Guardians 2 which we all greatly appreciate. Using the app Periscope which I am far too unpopular to even attempt, Gunn answered fan questions and revealed maybe a bit more than Marvel would have liked.

For starters, Guardians 2 will begin filming in February 2016 at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta. As you recall, the first film was shot in London, but they are a tad busy with a little indie film called Star Wars. Gunn also said he is 70 pages into the script and Marvel liked the pitch her made, so that’s awesome news!

One final fun bit of info: Karen Gillan’s character Nebula will make an appearance in the next film. Gunn says he will do what he can to help the actress not have to shave her head again, but she seemed nonplused about it last time, so who knows. I’m just happy to get a chance to see what happened to her once she, you know, lost an arm.

What say you, geeks? Hooked on the Guardians 2 feeling’?

(Via Screencrush)

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