Gillian Anderson to pen new book titled ‘WE’ – A women’s self-help guide

Gillian Anderson to pen new book titled ‘WE’ – A women’s self-help guide

After a roaring success (at least I’m calling it that) with her first novel, A Vision of Fire, released back in October, it was only a matter of time before Gillian Anderson took to the page again. While A Vision of Fire is only the first in a series penned with co-author Jeff Rovin, it will likely be a while before we see the publishing of the second novel in the series. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for this new novel by Anderson titled WE.

Teaming up with London-based author Jennifer Nadel, the novel with be a,

“call-out to all women around the world – and by women I include girls, transgender, anyone who identifies themselves as being intrinsically female…that we need to stick together and stand up for each other and not compete against each other.” -Gillian Anderson

Nadel added,

“There is a point at which everything intersects – the psychological, the spiritual, the material, and the political. WE is about taking a journey to that point, and when we reach it suddenly everything becomes possible.”

The book is said to publish on March 8, 2016 to coincide with International Women’s Day from publishing house HarperCollins. What say you, geek ladies? I know I’ll be picking up a copy.

(Via THR)

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