Trip To The Comic Shop Week of April 15th 2015

Trip To The Comic Shop Week of April 15th 2015

Every Wednesday, on her lunch break, EM saunters down to Forbidden Planet NYC, otherwise known as The Place of Pure Awesome, to pick up the week’s new comics. Click below to see what’s on the list of must grabs this week, and why.


Convergence Suicide Squad #1 (DC Comics)

So I think convergence may be the thing that gets me to drop a bunch of titles. Not that I have anything against the event, but I’m trying to cut my bill down & I feel this might be the best way to do it. However I’ll probably end up sticking with suicide squad because of my girl Harley.


Django/Zorro #6 (Dynamite)

It’s all in the title.


Doctor Who Tenth Doctor #9 (Titan Books)

More adventures with the 10th Doctor are always welcome.


Legendary Star-Lord #11 (Marvel Comics)
What can I say, I have a thing for rouge space pilots.


Loki Agent of Asgard #13 (Marvel Comics)
Still a little behind on this book, but again any book that involves a musical parody singing Loki in the shower is worth sticking with.


Ms Marvel #14 (Marvel Comics)

ADORE this book. Everyone should read it! EVERYONE.

Shutter #11 (Image)

I’m on the fence on this one. Gonna pick it up before making a final decision

Thor #7 (Marvel Comics)

I LOVE that Thor’s a lady! I hate that we don’t know who she is yet. It’s book 7! Get it together Marvel.


DC: 1

Dynamite: 1

Image: 1

Marvel: 4

Titan: 1

That’s what’s on my list, and for those of you not lucky enough to have a comic book shop nearby, I’ve included links to all my picks (unless unavailable) from Things From Another World, which has AMAZING service. So what are you picking up this week?


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