Today’s Internet Awesome

Today’s Internet Awesome

Every now and them, we here at It’s All Geek To Me, find some pretty cool things on the interwebs and just have to share. Click below to see what we found today!


The Walking Dead Michonne Katana Sling Bag

Since it’s not really appropriate to carry around an actual Katana in today’s society, you can now have the next best thing. You can preorder now for delivery in June. You know you wanna.


The Adventures of Tiny Thor

To celebrate #TheAvengers day!!! Some of our fave Geeky Ladies, over at Fangirl Quest are showing off the adventures of Tiny Thor over on their instagram


corsairsboutique’s Castiel cincher skirt

They’ve got several other fun geeky designs, of course, but we all know EM’s got her Supernatural obsession.

CDOiobPWgAEZnDSThis Awesome Hawkeye Tshirt

Because we all need to show a little more Hawkeye Love right? And wouldn’t it be perfect to wear to a showing of Age of Ultron? Yes Yes it would.


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