‘Black Widow: Forever Red’ The YA novel every girl needs.

‘Black Widow: Forever Red’ The YA novel every girl needs.

A few days ago, fellow geek and friend Andrea of A TV Geek (@atvgeek82) wrote a lovely article for EW about this awesome YA novel about to hit the market. Penned by Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures), this new project announced at NYCC 2014 during the ‘Women of Marvel’ panel has for real piqued our interest.

Not only are we ape for this book to come out, but to maybe get the chance to meet Margaret Stohl at NYCC 2015. The novel is due out in October, after all, so that isn’t really reaching, is it? She has some amazing things to say about meeting fans and going to cons in the EW article.

Those are my people, and I find them at Comic Con, just as I do at one of my YA book festivals. To be able to work both in the YA space and the Marvel space is a chance to bring all the things I love together into one project—and what a gift that has been! I get to write about one of the most complicated and layered and, as I’ve said, kick-ass Marvel characters of all time, gender aside. It has been more than a thrill. It’s epic.

Knowing that so much love and excitement went into the writing of this novel makes me super excited if I wasn’t already. Having an author love a character and consider it a privilege to get to work with that character is just stellar.

On another note, Stohl also talked a bit about her time in the gaming industry,

I always wanted to be invited to lunch with my team. So when something made me uncomfortable, more often than not I sucked it up and said nothing. And that’s on me. I put up with things that I would never put up with now. That was the price I paid because I wanted to be in the room, and we need girls to be in those rooms. But we also need to have those conversations, and I wish I could go back in time and tell myself the same things I tell my daughters. Speak up in the moment, however you can, whenever you can. We owe each other that.

Those last two sentences have so much power, “Speak up in the moment, however you can, whenever you can. We owe each other that.” Give the article a read, it’s a great interview, and mark your calendars for the release of Black Widow Forever Red!

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