Episode 85: Comic Cast: All About the Ladies

Episode 85: Comic Cast: All About the Ladies

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 85: Comic Cast: All About the Ladies) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!

Below you can find links to some of the things we discussed:

Kelly Sue DeConnick to leave Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will be taken over by Agent Carter Showrunners

Bleeding Cool’s Five Best Women Lead Comic Series According to Techies

Tech Times’ Best Comic Books with Female Leads

EM’s Review of Jem & The Holograms Issue #1

Where to buy all the awesome comics we talked about:

Forbidden Planet NYC

Things From Another World

Midtown Comics

Coming Soon….

It’s All Geek to Me Radio’s Geek-tastic Female Lead Series List!

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~ Cate & EM

One thought on “Episode 85: Comic Cast: All About the Ladies

  1. Hola C&E Geek Factory,
    First, thank you Cate for joining us once again over on our Ain’t It Cool/Poptards men’s locker room of discussion. Your class, distinction and differing viewpoint are always a welcome breath of fresh clean comic book air.

    I am that icky 40 year old you mentioned, I have been reading comics for 35 years, and I do try to educate the clerks as I buy. This week though, every woman under 30 got an apology from me for pushing my history beyond their solicits. I was unaware of the malaise and I have better things to do than waste breath. One said thank you and two said I was being crazy, while my words didn’t resonate at the time they found a tangential lesson in the few titles they picked up. Some guys are creepy and some just come off that way, but really have true intent in making more fans regardless of age, sex or anything.

    Can I ask why there seems to be an abhorring of Romance in reviews. Is it because it’s mainly a female being second to a man? Would mushy stuff be OK, if it was a man second to a woman in the book? I hope not, that’s prorogation of the problem instead of pummeling.

    Male characters were protagonists in literature first because we men selfishly took all the literacy for ourselves. It would make sense then that seems humans to seem on average to want to be with other humans that women would have been relegated to all the things that protagonist needs to be fully fleshed out for the time. Today the love interest can easily be the same gender. Let’s admit though, that is a very recent acceptance or very old if we go back to the ole’ Greecian days.

    I write stuff, I love the concept of love. hell with it, perhaps the new age is when men are puddles of mush. behind every great person is another person of greatness, would be the way to turn the phrase these days I believe. And that widens to BFFs F-Buddies, family and even ancillary bystanders. I don’t ever begrudge the kiss, I begrudge the writer who doesn’t give the kiss context beyond the Darwinian drive to mate after tragedy.

    I know you were baptized into comics in the River Wheedon, but if you want a great female on the DC side, grab the first 6 new 52 volumes of WONDER WOMAN. It is an epic solitary arc for the Amazonian where she transcends being a superhero to a literal God. Azzarello ran free and it was glorious. It’s not a great book about female super heroes, it’s a great book about superheroes that happen to be women.

    Ultimately if write what you know holds water, we need more women writing books. Not to say men can’t write a female character, WW as example, but it’s an effort to truly encapsulate the voice.

    P.S. My only grievance with BITCH PLANET (and to be fair I left after issue 2) is simply how victimized the Non-Compliants are. We don’t live in an equal world, but being a writer/marketer I have always worked for women who made more than me. Rightly so, they are my betters always in experience or facets of marketing function. Smart women, who asserted it and never said no or I can’t. In BITCH PLANET, the women I would respect the most are the ones who say I won’t go to this horrible planet. It promotes an ideal of the women’s movement more indicative of its state in 1955 and not 2015.

    LADY KILLER is the epitome of feminine strength, Josy was able to embrace whatever tropes of sexuality she wanted and then figured out a way to make them deadly. That sense of imbibing the self with no constraints is where I want to see more balancing of the scale.

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