Agent Carter Season 2: Who Is Returning For Duty?

Agent Carter Season 2: Who Is Returning For Duty?

The question ever since we were told we were getting a second season of this beloved show was, ‘Who else is going to LA with Peggy?’ It seemed unlikely that many of the original cast members would transfer to the other side of the country. Would Jarvis follow suit? If so, does that mean that Peggy and, presumably, Angie are staying in another of Howard Stark’s houses? What about her fellow agents? Is Peggy the only one lucky enough to get the transfer? So many questions. Well, Entertainment Weekly answered a few of them with new casting news.


Fear not, Jarvis lovers, James D’Arcy is returning! What would we do without our plucky sidekick? And who can forget about the BTS shenanigans among our favorite dynamic duo? Welcome back, James! We can not wait to see just how hard you try to be suave and make us laugh!


Much excitement was had on my part at the announcement of Enver Gjokaj returning as Daniel Sousa. My love of men in sweater vests aside, Daniel was the only male character on the show who attempted to see Peggy as an equal before she ‘proved herself’ to the other men at the SSR. I also ship it, but that too is an aside.


Also rumored to be (but, come on, it’s happening) in negotiations for a contract is Chad Michael Murray who would reprise his role as Agent Thompson. We assume at this point he would be the head of the SSR.


Lyndsy Fonseca (Angie Martinelli) and Bridget Regan (Dottie Underwood) are also rumored to be negotiating their contracts, but, let’s be honest, they wouldn’t leave Peggy’s only true female friend behind when she is moving to Hollywood and we must see the finale battle between Peggy and Dottie. I bet it will be epic.

See you in Hollywood, Carterettes!


(Via EW)

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