Nerd Out App: Uniting Nerds Across the Globe

Nerd Out App: Uniting Nerds Across the Globe

Every so often we come across a really cool kickstarter/indiegogo project that we think you guys should know about. This time it’s the Nerd Out App. A FREE, yes that’s right I said FREE app, which will be a safe place for adults and kids to discover nerd inspired events in their local areas while also showcasing hundreds of events from around the world.

What could be better right? Instead of scouring the interwebs for information, you will be able to get it all in one convenient place.

The money raised from the campaign will be going to create a beta version of the app. After that geek centric ads, that will run on the app will generate more revinue for future versions as well as some pretty cool swag.

Sound good? Of course it does! Who wouldn’t want to be able to just open an app and see all the wonderously nerdy things going on? Check out the campaign page here

And if you happen to be lucky enough to be at SDCC this week, the creator Michelle Jensen aka the lovely @yourfriendelle on twitter is there, AND doing appearing on the Jet Set Nerds Panel TODAY (Thursday, July 9th, 2015) from 3pm-4pm in room 14A.


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