‘Outlander’ actor and director to join ‘Underworld: Next Generation’

‘Outlander’ actor and director to join ‘Underworld: Next Generation’

Tobias Menzies is popularly known amongst the Outlander fans as loving husband Frank Randall and a complete-180-evil-villain Black Jack Randall. Menzies’s portrayal of both characters has been stunning to say the least. A performance that, while just as wonderful, would have lacked an intimacy and emotion that director Anna Foerster brought to the table. The Outlander season one finale which was directed by Foerster (as well as several of the fan-favorite episodes such as ‘The Wedding’) saw Menzies villainous Black Jack sexually assault the show’s hero. Tough stuff to act and direct.

Both Menzies and Foerster join an already extensive cast and crew on Underworld: Next Generation. What makes this so exciting? Menzies talent will make he an extremely believable Lycan (Underworld-speak for werewolf) and, even more exciting, Foerster is to direct the film. This makes her the first woman to direct a female-led horror franchise. Excuse me while I say, ‘you go girl!’


The script reportedly centers on a younger generation of vampires and Lycans. The film is expected to begin shooting this fall.

(Via EW)

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