When Phryne Fisher meets Cersei Lannister – Essie Davis to join GoT

When Phryne Fisher meets Cersei Lannister – Essie Davis to join GoT

Last year about this time I fell in love with a little show from Australia called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It is a slightly campy, very simple 1920’s murder mystery series with a woman at the helm and I absolutely adore it. Essie Davis stars as Phryne Fisher, our female flapper Sherlock Holmes. Apparently, according to Vanity Fair, Davis is going to be playing a female actress in a traveling theatre company who personifies Cersei Lannister. The exact casting call for the role they are calling “Leading Actress” was,

in her early 40s, she’s an elegant actress with a traveling theatre company. Fun, charismatic, rum-drinking actress in the troupe.

She fits that bill for sure.

The acting troupe will be playing out a plotline from The Winds of Winter and putting on a show that they will call ‘The Bloody Hand.’ I want to take that in the British sense of the word ‘bloody,’ but I know better with G.R.R.M.

We have a little unconfirmed look as Davis as “Leading Actress” as Cersei:

I was over the moon when I first read a headline announcing this, but seeing her in costume just made my day! Congrats, Essie Davis! I can’t wait to see your story arc!

(Via VF)

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