12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Hardley Dangerous AKA Moon Boot Studios

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Hardley Dangerous AKA Moon Boot Studios

Hardley Dangerous AKA Moonboot Studiosil_570xN.885169129_izez

Full disclosure, I’ve recently become OBSESSED with the dresses made by Hardley Dangerous. I originally bought one of their Strapless Cherrybomb dresses in the hopes of one day using it as Scarlett Overkill Cosplay. However when it arrived I immediately ordered another one in black with cap sleeves. All the orders are handmade from when you order them. The craftsmanship is amazing, and the packaging is adorable. And every interaction I’ve had with the shop owners Claire and Chase has been nothing but wonderful.

I can not even begin to count how many compliments I got when I wore the dress to our office holiday party. Seriously, go check them out.


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Jezebel Charms

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Jezebel Charms

Jezebel Charms


A few years ago I stumbled upon the amazing little etsy store that is Jezebel Charms. Store owner Kate makes all her jewelry over in England, which just seems to make them seem even classier.

A lot of her jewelry features classic literature quotes, from the likes of Jane Austin and Lewis Carroll as well as Shakespeare and Sherlock. She also has a few scientific and historical pieces. She’s also slipped in a few brilliantly subtle pieces of geekery.


All handcrafted and made to order these are STUNNING pieces for all.

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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – NBT Threads

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – NBT Threads



This was another wonderful company I found via instagram. They have an amazing selection of geeky tees, Disney is well represented, as well as all around general awesome mom/dad/kiddo apparel.


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Shea Chic Soap Company

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Shea Chic Soap Company

Shea Chic Soap Company


 I stumbled upon the Shea Chic Soap company while on instagram. They were part of a geeky loop giveaway.

Creator Sheena makes all sorts of fabulous geeky soaps, as well as silky bath truffles and scrubs. Perfect for a little geeky pampering.


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – HSL Photography

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – HSL Photography

Hilariously, Howard (owner and operator) of HSL Photography had photographed Em and I on three separate occasions before we ‘officially’ met. We would like his photos on Facebook frequently and did so on a picture of us from NYCC’s Heroes and Villains party, which had Em and Howard exchange the “omg, that’s you guys?” “yes! hi! small world!” conversation on Facebook.

This year at NYCC , I was fortunate enough to do a photoshoot with Howard and had a ball. He is fun, patient and has great ideas for poses when shooting with him. He is also an all-around nice nerdy guy who loves cosplayers. If you are ever at a con on the East Coast, chances are that Howard will be there.

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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Her Universe

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Her Universe

There is no greater collection of nerdy lady clothing than Her Universe. And what an appropriate name for it. Her Universe is the vision of Ashley Eckstein. She founded the company in 2009 and suddenly lady nerds had something more than female-cut tees to wear to flaunt their nerd and flaunt it proud.


(Her Universe and Hot Topic Marvel Collection)

With licensing from franchises such at Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Doctor Who and Transformers, Her Universe creates amazing apparel and accessories for the nerd girl in your life. Recently, the ladies of Its All Geek To Me sported the famed Iron Man Bomber Jacket at NYCC 2015 as Howard’s Angels. The jacket is both amazingly comfortable and such a fabulous nerd piece.

A dream of mine is to be able to be part of the Her Universe Fashion Show that happens San Diego Comic Con. The jackets that we are wearing above were designed by one of the winners in collaboration with Her Universe an Hot Topic. Several amazingly talented cosplayers and fashion designers have been showcased in this fashion show. Consider it added to the bucket list!


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Sew Geek Austin

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Sew Geek Austin

Sew Geek Austin

Sew Geek Austin is an awesome little company that makes AMAZING Supernatural apparel, jewelry, prop replicas, and basically anything your little Supernatural fandom heart could desire. I stumbled upon it when the Supernatural addiction first seeped into my blood. Claudia and her daughter Anika have a knack for making the most AWESOME geekery you can imagine.

Although they also have some Doctor Who, and even some Arrow products, the site primarily features Supernatural, which up until very recently has been lacking in the cool merchandise department.


But my very fave right now is the Limited edition Always Keep Fighting Ornament, because everyone could use a little reminder to keep fighting.


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

For years now, we have preached the benefits of having a designated Con Binder. Something easily accessed, that has plastic sleeve to hold your photos opts, comics and other important odds and ends that one acquires at a con, and prevents wrinkling/folding/damage in general to your precious-es.

Then at some point we stumbled upon, Con*Quest Adventure Journals, which turns out is EXACTLY what we were looking for!*

What is a Con*Quest Adventure Journal? Pretty much the answer to all your con needs. Shelly and Ted came up with the brilliant idea of designing a journal specifically for Cons!

If you frequent cons, you know you amass a lot of…well STUFF. Photo ops, autographs, business cards, artwork etc, and more often than not, all that loot ends up just sitting around. In a folder, in a draw, or a neat little pile somewhere. Which, honestly is a waste. The Con*Quest Journal is basically an amazing Scrapbook for all things con!


The binder itself is full of 32 awesomely illustrated pages, in several different categories.


– There is Autograph Quest, with space for all your fave celebs/artists/writers to sign. There is even plenty of space to put pictures of them signing.


– Speaking of your fave artists, Artist Quest is perfect for your stroll down artist alley. There is plenty of space to get your faves to draw something extra cool, and once again plenty of room to put pics of them and their W.I.P.


– Cosplay is becoming more and more popular at cons and Cosplay Quest is a fabulous section designed for posting all the wonderful cosplay pics you gather.


– If you’re anything like us, you find yourself at a panel, giggling and tweeting your fave quotes. The problem them becomes going back over social media to find them later. Fear not, there’s pages for that! Panel Quest provides you with plenty of room to write down all those perfect gems.


– Let’s be honest no one ever has enough money at con. It is impossible to buy everything you want in a 3 to 4 day span. I’ve tried, and my bank account has cried. This is where Vender Quest comes in handy. You can take pics of your fave items, or right down what you saw where.


AND NOW Con Quest Journals are even more fantabulous, with their THEMED Journals! They currently offer journals themed around Supernatural, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Personally I own the Supernatural one, because reasons. The themed journals are full of original artwork, and fun little Easter eggs.


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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – RockLove Jewelry

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – RockLove Jewelry

RockLove Jewelry is basically my jeweler. And by “my” I mean, practically every piece I wear daily, Allison made. Back in 2011, at our first NYCC, we stumbled upon Rock Love Jewelry’s booth and I fell in love. At that time, none of the nerdy collections had been made. I fell in love with a tiny pistol on a small ball chain and was hooked. The next year I bought the White Queen from her Chess collection. The next year, an Arrow Ring and pair of earrings. And so on and so on.


(Photo credit: RockLove Jewelry – One of my absolute favorites, the Turquoise Ivy Ring)

If you have a nerd who loves jewelry, Rock Love likely has something for them. From Star Trek to Outlander to Lord of the Rings, you are bound to find something to tickle your nerdy fancy.


(Photo Credit: RockLove Jewelry – Another favorite and my latest acquisition, the Outlander Series Craigh Na Dun necklace)

Stay tuned to the podcast in the new year as we hope to have creator Allison Hourcade be our guest!

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12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Jimmy Gatti

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Jimmy Gatti

You have heard of the 12 Days of Christmas. This year, we introduce 12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs! Each day leading up to Christmas, Em and I will publish a post about a new Nerdy Entrepreneur making their stamp on the Nerdy side.

One of our favorite nerdy shirt designers and one of our favorite people is the focus of today’s Nerdy Entrepreneur: Jimmy Gatti. Em and I both own at least one (hah, four) of Jimmy’s amazing nerdy shirts and highly recommend them for your Christmas gifting needs! Check them out at Teepublic.com! If you look really close, you will find two amazing tee’s that are superhero symbols for your two fabulous podcast hosts!