12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – HSL Photography

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – HSL Photography

Hilariously, Howard (owner and operator) of HSL Photography had photographed Em and I on three separate occasions before we ‘officially’ met. We would like his photos on Facebook frequently and did so on a picture of us from NYCC’s Heroes and Villains party, which had Em and Howard exchange the “omg, that’s you guys?” “yes! hi! small world!” conversation on Facebook.

This year at NYCC , I was fortunate enough to do a photoshoot with Howard and had a ball. He is fun, patient and has great ideas for poses when shooting with him. He is also an all-around nice nerdy guy who loves cosplayers. If you are ever at a con on the East Coast, chances are that Howard will be there.

Check out HSL Photography on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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