Fave Five Fridays- Scary/Creepy Movies

Fave Five Fridays- Scary/Creepy Movies

It’s October, and Halloween is approaching. In order to get in the mood, we thought we’d bring back Fave Five Fridays, starting with our Fave Scary/Creepy Type Movies. Take a look below the cut.


(In No Particular Order)


1) Cabin in The Woods – I am big into Horror/Comedies, and Joss Whedon and Drew Goodard’s 2012 Cabin in the Woods, is complete perfection. Unfortunately, because I refuse to spoil any of you who haven’t seen it, I can not go into many details here, but for those of you who have ever wondered why the teens always split up, or drop the weapon, THIS is the movie for you. There’s a reason we say “In Joss we trust”. Plus it features a Baby!Chris Hemsworth PRE-Thor.


2) Scream – My first REAL scary movie. It may be hard to believe, with 3 other movies and a tv show that have followed, but at the time, Scream was really inventive. Just gory enough to make it a true teen slasher flick, but not so gross as to make it unwatchable.


3) The Original Evil Dead Trilogy (The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn & Army of Darkness) – Horror, Humor and Cheesy 80’s special effects? YES PLEASE! What started as a true horror clasic, by the third film dissolves into pure ridiculousness. PLUS it spawned the series Ash vs. Evil Dead (returning to Starz for season 2 on Oct. 2nd), and launched Bruce Campbell to cult hit stardom!


4) Tucker and Dale vs Evil – Another Horror/Comedy, with plenty of GORE, and humor. This one flips the script on the typical College Kids encounter Hillbillies in a cabin in the woods. Hijinks ensue. Plus you got Tyler Labine & Alan Tudyk starring, how could this movie NOT be fantastical?


5) Predator – You can’t tell me that this isn’t a scary movie the first time you watch it. Sure I am no longer terrified by the alien creature stalking the jungle, after many, many, MANY repeat viewings, but the first time through I definitely  spent some time watching through my fingers.




(In No Particular Order)


1)Silence Of The Lambs – Suspense, dramatic scenes of eating people with gorgeous classical music, Sir Anthony Hopkins at his best, what’s not to love?


2)Star Trek: First Contact – Listen. When you’re 11, the Borg are terrifying.


3)What Lies Beneath – Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. In a thriller. Come on, that’s awesome! Creepy and horrific might be some people’s cup of tea, but I always prefer things that make me think. Suspense with a side of terror. A small side.


4)Identity – So, suspense. With a side of terror. A group people are stranded at a motel in the middle of a rain storm. Suddenly, people start dying one by one. Wait for that lovely twist at the end.


5)The X Files: Fight the Future – Angry aliens in the arctic. Gross, chest-bursting aliens, who skin people alive in reactor cores. Oh, Scully and Mulder are there, too. I wouldn’t be a Phile if I didn’t include this.

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