Fave Five Fridays: Things at NYCC 2016

Fave Five Fridays: Things at NYCC 2016

With New York Comic Con having come and gone, we are suffering from some serious con withdrawal here. So for today’s Fave Five Friday we are gonna recap some of our fave moments/panels/costumes/etc from this year’s con. Take a look below the cut.


(In No Particular Order)

1)Stan Lee!

That’s right Stan The Man Lee appeared at what was being billed as, his LAST con appearance. I just think we need to take a mo-mo to Marvel, (tehe) at how amazing this man really is. He is 93 years old and still traveling (across the country) to meet his fans. Not to mention the fact that the man had, what for any age, would be considered a GRUELING schedule. Still he remained lovely and cheerful, and at one point even came back 45 mins early from a break, to sign autographs.

2)Artists’ Alley

Artists’ Alley is by far one of my FAVE parts of any con and NYCC is no exception. I tend to drop a TON of money in that hall, even though I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore Art till I have a space to hang it. So clearly now I just buy comic books, graphic novels, postcards, mini print and stickers. The best part though, is that you actually have time and get to speak with the people behind the tables. Something it is much harder to do at a traditional signing.

3)It’s All Geek To Me Comic

Ok, so this one is a purely selfish one, but GUYS, I’m a superhero!!!! The incredibly talented Jimmy & Sam teamed up to create a comic book staring Cate and I. It has been a long and awesome journey, culminating with seeing Jimmy and Sam this past weekend where they presented us with the finished product. I squeed, I jumped up and down, I couldn’t stop smiling. Honestly, it’s always been a life goal of mine to become a comic book character, and I can never fully express how awesome and truly moving this  is for me.

4)Woman of Marvel Panel

There were a lot of great panels this weekend, but for me the highlight has to be the Women of Marvel Panel. This panel gets better and better every year. Not only is it amazing to see continual growth in how many female lead comics Marvel is putting forth but also to hear from the amazing women behind them. Moon Girl is no canonically the SMARTEST being in the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s top genius is officially,  Lunella Lafeyette, the nine-year-old, black hero of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. In a media where females have been struggling for YEARS to be heard, and more diverse and represented as anything other than oversexualized beings for the male gaze, this could not be a bigger step forward. Plus pretty sure it was announced that She-Hulk is returning with a new book soon…swoon.

5)Con Friends (Old & New)

There is something almost magical about when you find your con crew. It’s a group of people who share in your con experience. Some times you gush over the same things, sometimes you don’t, but these are the people you room with, you eat with you drink with and my con crew is beyond fantastic. Also this year’s con we were super lucky to get to meet up with a bunch of people we talk with all the time through the power of the inter-webs. It was beyond awesome to to get to finally meet in person, John (@Cyberaug), Katie (@Chiksolo), GiGi & CC (@WeGeekGirls) and Sam (@GlamourNMetal) Plus we got to catch up with Jimmy (@jimgatti17)



(In No Particular Order)

1)The Community

I say every con that my favorite thing about it is the community. This group of like-minded (for the most part) people all there to celebrate the things that make us odd, different, eccentric. Making these people my friends has definitely made Comic Con my favorite time of the year.

2)Stranger Things Panel

We were up at 6:30am. In line by 7:45am. Inside the Javits by 8:30am. Badges tapped at 8:45am. In costume. WORTH IT. Millie Bobbi Brown is a gem and I sincerely hope that she remains as adorable, precocious, and sassy as she is today. Just remember to remain in the present. We don’t have dungeons and dragons, we have pokemon go!

3)We’re A Comic!!

For months we have had two of our podcast listeners (and, lets me honest, friends) working on a surprise comic book featuring yours truly. We were physically handed said comic book on Saturday of NYCC! Words can’t express what a honor this is, how absolutely rad it is, or how grateful we are to have such awesome, talented friends/fans. Jimmy, Sam, you two are the best!

4)Carrie Fisher

We met the queen. And Gary. Whats even better is, we got a photo with her! She was absolutely lovely, made us laugh, and Gary gave us the best hambone mug ever. Truly one of the best photo ops of my life.

5)Online Friends turned IRL Friends

We all have online friends that we talk to daily, weekly, etc. Em and I had the opportunity to finally meet some of these online friends in real life. Sully and Steve of The Nerd Fu, Gi Gi and CC of We Geek Girls, Sam and Jimmy who have followed our podcast from the beginning. It was such a pleasure to meet and hang out with you all! Can’t wait to do it again! ❤️

So what do you think? Do you agree? Hit up the comments and let us know! You can also listen to our full NYCC 2016 wrap up, featuring the very Lovely Heather HERE.

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