Fave Five Fridays: Cosplays/Cosplayers

Fave Five Fridays: Cosplays/Cosplayers

It’s October, Halloween is fast approaching an what better way to celebrate that then by having Fave Five Fridays dedicated to some of our fave cosplays? Because what’s more in the spirit of Halloween than costuming? Take a look below the cut.


(In No Particular Order)

1) Captain Carter (MCU)

I mean I couldn’t possibly talk about my fave cosplays without mentioning my beautifully brilliant co-host’s version of Captain Carter. (Photo Credit: HSL Photography)

2) Ash Williams (Evil Dead)


I LOVE Cosplay of Ash from the Evil Dead universe. I ESPECIALLY LOVE when it’s done by awesome Lady cosplayers, because I am a sucker for that. And I’ve said it multiple times Diagonalley‘s Ash is FANTASTIC!

3) Kim Possible (Kim Possible)


I FLUFFIN LOVED Kim Possible growing up. I mean how could you not? She was a kickass, smart high school girl super hero. Plus there was Rufus. As a child I kinda loved naked molerats. Don’t judge, you had to know I was a little weird coming into this. Unfortunately, I don’t know who this fantastic Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable who were at NYCC this year are, but they were perfection, they even had a RUFUS! [If you know/are the cosplayer(s) in the photo, please let us know so we can credit]

4) Rogue/Gambit (X-Men)

The X-Men’s Gambit and Rogue were my original OTP. I shipped them long before I knew what shipping was. MissChrissyLynn & OnexPunchxMickey are by far amazing cosplayers. They’ve done all different versions of the couple (as well as some other really cool cosplays as well), and every one is FLAWLESS!

5) Costume



(In No Particular Order)

1)WWII Wonder Woman


Okay, I may be a bit biased because a) my bestie is STUNNING and b) … I made most of her costume, BUT, in keeping with it being Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary as well as Fave Friday, I give you my favorite version of Wondy.

2) Iron Woman


One of my favorite versions of Iron Man that I have ever seen. It helps that I’m friends with this amazing cosplayer, but her work with EVA foam armor is just NUTS. (Morgan_le_gay)

3) Wonder Woman


Yea, I know I already put Wonder Woman. But why can’t I showcase two amazing Wondy cosplayers on WONDER WOMAN DAY? This stunning cosplayer entered the Her Universe Fashion Show with this stunning costume that transforms from Diana into Wonder Woman with a twirl. Amazing. (adria.renee)

4) Agent Carter


It wouldn’t be me without including my best girl. This gorgeous cosplayer cosplays in the Philippines. Her gorgeous red race track dress perfectly compliments her adorable Daniel Sousa. (ellimirror)

5) The Red Skull


Because villains have more fun. And I happen to have a special place in my heart for this traitorous villain (JoetheShark)

So what do you think? Do you agree? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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