Geeky Book Club: The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy by Sam Maggs

Geeky Book Club: The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy by Sam Maggs

Ok, so it’s not a new release. In fact I have no idea why it has taken me so long to pick up The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy, and for that I am slightly ashamed. I knew of the book’s release way back in 2015, and have been a fan of Sam Maggs since she was an editor for The Mary Sue. But whatever the reason, be it time, money, laziness I hadn’t picked up a copy for myself til this year’s at New York Comic Con. Click below to see my thoughts.

The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy, is just that. It’s a literal guide book. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I opened it, but that was not it.

Even as someone who has long identified themselves as being a fangirl, the book provided new and useful information, hey, it’s hard to be a geek over every little thing. It offers great starting point for some kickass ladies in tv, film, books, comics, gaming and anime.

Not only does the book explore, cosplay, conventions and just about every geeky thing you can think of, but it also talks about very important issues, like feminism and standing up, in a polite/constructive way, for what you believe in. How to respond to the evil that is the internet trolls, in all there many forms.

The book stresses that “Fangirl” is not a word we should shy away from, but one we should embrace. You should not feel ashamed of  your geeky passions, you should shout them from the rooftops.

However, I do believe my favorite part is that throughout the book, there are mini interviews with other awesome fangirls/brilliantly geeky women in the industry. They are all asked three questions:

  1. What does the word “fangirl” mean to you?
  2. How has being a geek positively influenced you life?
  3. What advise can you give geek girls for their careers and personal lives?

Some of their responses are truly brilliant, you may have noticed a lot of them popping up in our twitter feed the past couple of weeks.

Over all impression? The book was amazing. Whether you are a veteran fangirl or just a fangirl in training, you should definitely give this book a read. There really is something for everyone in it.

Have you read The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy? What are your thoughts/impressions? Hit up the comments and let us know.



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