Episode 97: Talking TV: Fall TV

Episode 97: Talking TV: Fall TV

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 97: Talking TV: Fall Tv) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!

This week we spend our time talking all about Fall TV, new and returning. Come Join the fun!

Below you can find links to some BONUS links because we love you all that much!:

Pitch on Fox

This is Us on NBC

The Good Place on NBC

Timeless on NBC

Bull on CBS

Agents of Shield on ABC

Conviction on ABC

The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

The Walking Dead on AMC

Greg Nicotero interview on the bloody season seven Walking Dead premiere

EM’s Thoughts on The Walking Dead Season Seven Premiere

The Walking Dead: The Comic Vs. The Show



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