Fave Five Fridays TV/Film Presidents

Fave Five Fridays TV/Film Presidents

Ok, if you are living in the good old United States, then you are probably aware that election day is fast approaching. So we thought it might be fun to list off our top five Presidential portrayals in TV and film, so here we go, in no particular order:



1) Futurama – President Richard Nixon – Voiced by Billy West


There have been many portrayals of disgraced former president Richard Nixon, but I have such a soft spot for the Futurama version. Nixon, or rather Nixon’s head, as that is all that is left of him, appear in 17 episodes, and 3 movies, making him a fixture of the series. Is he a good president? No, not really, but this portrayal never fails to make me smile.


2) Independence Day – President Thomas J Whitmore – Played by Bill Pullman


Bill Pullman for President! Ok, maybe not, but I would KILL for Thomas J. Whitmore to be in the oval Office. First off, he is a man who loves his family, and keeps to a strong moral code. He refuses to sit out on the resistance airstrike b/c he was an airmen and therefore should be up there with everyone else. And that SPEECH. Seriously, I get chills EVERY. TIME. In fact I’m just gonna leave it right here for you viewing pleasure…



3) Air Force One – President James Mitchell – Played by Harrison Ford


Speaking of Badass presidents, James Mitchell is way up on the list. An ex-soldier who takes down a group of hijackers who takeover Air Force One, himself. Now there is a man who knows how to get shit done!


4) VEEP – President Selena Meyers – Played by Julia Louis-Dryfuss


Is Selena Meyers the best president? Hardly, but that doesn’t stop her from being HIGHLY entertaining to watch.

5) Commander and Chief – President Mackenzie Allen – Played by Geena Davis


From a (slightly) incompetent Lady President to a Brilliant one, Mackenzie Allen was thrust into the role of president after serving president died of a sudden cerebral aneurysm.  Though the show only last 18 episodes, Macckenzie Allen, definitely showed the world that a woman was MORE than capable of running the country.




1)Jed Bartlet – The West Wing


Arguably, the best TV president to ever grace the screen. I watched The West Wing from the pilot onward and neither of Jed Bartlet’s successors were nearly as good as he was.

2)Dave Kovic – Dave


The romantic comedy that poses an interesting moral dilemma. When the president has a stroke, who become president when the vice president isn’t fit to serve office? Dave Kovic is hired to be the president’s stand-in for public events, but he isn’t supposed to give speeches or write bills. However, when the president has a stroke, he is now tasked with convincing the president estranged wife and the public that he is, in fact, the president. And a damned good one, I might add.

3)Laura Roslin – Battlestar Galactica


The woman who had greatness thrust upon her. Laura Roslin becomes the president when the cylons destroy Earth and no one else from the cabinet survived. One of the best TV presidents and the best lady TV president, IMO.

4)Thomas Whitmore – Independance Day


Em already covered this guy, but … that speech. That speech wins it all.

5)James Mitchell – Air Force One


We can’t forget the heroic effort of a father and husband to save his family and country from terrorists onboard Air Force One. How they got there is still questionable, but Harrison Ford does throw a decent punch.

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