Comics Corner: Clue Issue #1

Comics Corner: Clue Issue #1

Clue has been around for years, as a board game, a movie, a play, a novel and even a VCR game, and now, finally as a comic book.

IDW has just launched, Clue as a six issue series. Paul Allor, the series writer, has approached this book with comedic wit and candor. The fourth wall is immediately broken by Upton, the mansion’s butler. Upton serves throughout the issue to address the reader, passing on exposition and urging the readers to look for clues. In one panel he even speaks to Carlos Guzman, the issue’s editor, while referring to himself as “an omniscient narrator”.

It is very clear from the beginning that this will not just be a rehashing of the movie script. We are treated to a host of new characters, as well as some new twists on familiar faces. We are treated to two detectives, showing up at the mansion after the first murder, adding a brand new dynamic to the familiar tale. The cast is also drawn as very diverse, a noticeable difference from the nearly all white cast of the 1985 film.

Artist Nelson Daniel employs a unique style, implementing  bold colors and a dotted shading technique that is very reminiscent of old school comic strips. The overall effect is quite memorable.

As to be expected, Issue #1 ends on a cliffhanger. Overall, the quirky writing and boldly drawn artwork are sure to delight diehard Clue fans and regular comics readers alike, and drum up enough interest to at least check out  Issue #2.


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