It’s All Geek To Me Radio’s This Week in Geek & A Giveaway LIVE SHOW!

It’s All Geek To Me Radio’s This Week in Geek & A Giveaway LIVE SHOW!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on last Monday night’s show, live on Facebook and  BOTH on Our Instagram account @allgeektomeradio AND Cate’s cosplay page @Starbuck_Cosplay . The full show is now available on our Facebook page, we’ve included the link to the show and a bunch of bonus links, just because we love you so.

Live Show on Facebook



Nocking Point Wines

Inhumans Trailer

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer

Long Shot Trailer – We apologize for the quality, but you get the idea….

Zombeavers Trailer

Hot Topic Buffy Collection

Scott Patterson’s Coffee

Luke’s Coffee Coffee Koozies

Hotsy Totsy Burlesque’s tribute to Harry Potter and the Cursed Pastie

Geeky Toys!

EM’s Psych Rewatch Top 5 Episodes of Season One

SDCC EXCLUSIVES we’re drooling over…


Offer still stands, will pay for pins, shipping & give a piece of my soul to anyone who gets these for me – EM






Check out our (silly) Unboxing Video to see what’s inside HERE!

ENTER Below or on our Facebook Page

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