TOY TIME: Tinkerbell and Ducks Galore

TOY TIME: Tinkerbell and Ducks Galore

Sometimes you just want to play with some kickass new toys. Since we here at It’s All Geek To Me Radio are just a bunch of big kids at heart, we thought it might be a good idea round some up for you all in one place. Enjoy!

Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell Rock Candy Vinyl Figure


Now this is my kinda Tink. Not the new sweet version who stars in her own movies in Pixie Hollow. No, we are talking old school, narcissistic, bitchy, tried to have Wendy murdered Tinkerbell. And I absolutely adore her. Available this August.


With the upcoming reboot of DuckTales coming to DisneyXD in August/September one would think that Funko would be releasing the “newer” versions of the characters, but, I am Happy to report, that is NOT the case.

DuckTales’ Scrooge McDuck Pocket Pop! Vinyl Figure Key Chain


Pint sized for your convenience. Available in September.

DuckTales’ Webby Pocket Pop! Vinyl Figure Key Chain


I mean we all kinda know that Webby was added just to get girls to watch the show, right? Doesn’t mean we don’t still love her. Available in September.


Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Scrooge McDuck Pop! Vinyl Figure #306


Check out old school Scrooge, and his lucky coin.

Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Huey Pop! Vinyl Figure #307


Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Dewey Pop! Vinyl Figure #308


Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Louie Pop! Vinyl Figure #309


And of course if we are gonna have a DuckTales line we HAVE to have Classic Huey, Dewey & Louie.

Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Webby Pop! Vinyl Figure #310


How adorable is classic little Webby, clutching her Quacky Patch doll?


Disney’s DuckTales’ S1 Magica De Spell Pop! Vinyl Figure #311


And finally can we take a mo-mo to revel in the GameStop Exclusive that is Magica De Spell? She even has Gennarino!

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