Comics Corner: Time & Vine Issue #1

Comics Corner: Time & Vine Issue #1

When I first heard that IDW would be publishing a comic called Time & Vine, I admit to be automatically intreaged. You want to combine comics, wine and history? Count me in!

I was even more excited to learn that Thomas F. Zahler, of Long Distance, and the Love and Capes series, as behind it. Zahler has a very distinctive artistic style, simple, strong lines and the use of muted colors.

Issue One, like most first issues is used mostly as an introduction to the characters and the world of Time & Vine, the most important being Jack Cadell, and Megan Howe.

Jack is the owner of Aeternum Winery in Jefferson, New York. Megan is a history teacher, just about to start summer break out with her coworkers, trying to forget her troubles. Jack sees something in Megan and decides to share the secrets of the winery’s magic, with a trip to New Year’s Eve, 1916.

The issue also addresses issues with time traveling such as lack of money, and period clothing.

Zahler has set up a very entertaining concept here, full of plethora of possibilities. Imagine being able to revisit any day in history. I, myself, am very interested to see where this series is headed.

Like all of Zahler’s stories, Time & Vine is ad free, so it reads more like a double issue, making the $4.99 price for the issue a bit easier to swallow.

You can purchase Time & Vine #1 from IDW HERE, or from your local comic book shop.



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