ThinkGeek/Her Universe Star Wars Business Collection

ThinkGeek/Her Universe Star Wars Business Collection

You read that right, ThinkGeek and Her Universe have teamed up to create a Star Wars clothing line that is office appropriate. The perfect way to geek out at the office. Click below to check it out.


R2-D2 Print Ladies’ Tank Dress


Star Wars Ships Ladies’ Blouse


Star Wars Symbols Ladies’ Blazer


R2-D2 Print Ladies’ Tunic Blouse


Star Wars Faces of Vader Leggings


Star Wars Symbols Collared Tank Tunic


Rebel Alliance Print Infinity Scarf


Personally, I really like the blazer & collared tank tunic. You can purchase items for this collection HERE


What do you think? What’s your fave part of the collection?  Would you wear any of this to the office? As always, hit up the comments and let us know.



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