This Week’s Internet Awesome July 21st

This Week’s Internet Awesome July 21st

Every day the interwebs have new and awesome things to be found in its depths. These are the awesome things we saw this week:

Need a good giggle? Check Out this awesome Duck Tales/Doctor Who Parody by Axis of Awesome.



First looks at the Psych cast reunited for the Psych Reunion Movie (airing this December, SQWEE). Check out the EW Exclusive HERE



ghostbusters-idwGhostbusters: Answer the Call is getting it’s own comic over at  IDW AND Kelly Thompson is gonna be writing it! Bestill my heart, and read all about it HERE

Don’t forget to Enter our Star Wars Nerdisan Box Giveaway! There is still time!!!

Enter HERE




ThinkGeek and Her Universe Have teamed up to create a business attire friendly Star Wars line. Read about it HERE.


BBC Revealed it’s 13th Doctor! Watch the reveal HERE.


John Barrowman (who is a TREASURE by the way) showed up to his SDCC panel in a sparkly TARDIS dress to celebrate the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the new (and first ever female) Doctor Who. Check it out HERE.

And because I do not believe one has truly lived till they have witnessed a sparkly TARDIS clad Barrowman singing Copacabana, here you go. You’re Welcome.

(video by Anna Hattingen)


New SDCC Inhumans Trailer. Still don’t Love Medusa’s wig, but  at least IT MOVES!!!!!


The SDCC Promo for Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders is pretty cool….

BUT The Korean Promo for The Defenders is just EPIC!!!

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