First Looks: Justice League Trailer

First Looks: Justice League Trailer

This week we continue to roll out all the wonderful trailer goodies that SDCC has bestowed upon us, with reactions of course! Warner Brothers seems to have learned from their SuperBatman & Friends debacle of a few years ago and actually released their SDCC trailer for Justice League to the masses, check it out below.

Justice League is currently slated to hit theatres November 17.

My Thoughts:

  • Well, there is A LOT of Wonder Woman footage in this trailer. I wonder how much was there before her movie was released/Joss took over?
  • It’s SUPER DARK!
  • I know they “offed” Superman at the end of SuperBatman & Friends, but I find it surprising he’s not in the trailer AT ALL.
  • With all the explosions, this is definitely going to be an “experience” to see in theatres.

I was really hoping this trailer would get me excited, it doesn’t really though, which is a little sad. So what do you all think? Are you gonna go check it out?  Did Wonder Woman restore your faith in the DCEU? Or are you over it? Hit up the comments and let us know!



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