Who We Are

Pint-sized member of the undercover ginger club. Makeup chick by day, dreamer by night. She lives a rather dull life full of indie film-making, crafty business and makeup artistry in South Eastern PA. Recent convert to the comic book scene, she is constantly learning new and fascinating things about the worlds of DC, Marvel and the like. Indie films, theatre and books are her loves and if there is good music to be heard, you can be sure she is listening. Live long and prosper.

Short in stature, spunky in spirit and brunette in hair color. Lover of cupcakes, pop  culture, minions and British television. She currently resides in the wilds of New Jersey (her neighbors are woodland creatures) with “The Boy”,  and a cat who hates her existence. Having grown up on a steady diet of animation, books, television, musical theatre, and working in the “industry” for more years then she likes to admit, EM has managed to amass a wide range of pop culture knowledge, and some pretty strong opinions, which she is always willing to share/theorize, when given the opportunity.

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