A Sleepy Hollow-een Afternoon

A Sleepy Hollow-een Afternoon

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, I mean come on it is a holiday which sanctions the over abundance of candy, pumpkin flavored goodies AND getting to play dress up, what’s not to love? I am personally celebrating what I like to call “Hallo-week” b/c why should Halloween only last a day. It was almost by accident that I happened to see the notice for FOX’s Sleepy Hollow-een, many thanks to Orlando Jones for putting out the tweet that jolted me into action. Click below for more.

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A Geek’s Guide to Surviving Not Being at SDCC…

A Geek’s Guide to Surviving Not Being at SDCC…

It’s that lovely time of year again, time for San Diego Comic Con! Unfortunately not all of us are, for various reasons, able to to attend the Promised Land. Just because you are not at SDCC, doesn’t mean you can’t still have some geektastic fun this weekend. So, what’s a geek to do? Click below for some fun suggestions.


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An Evening With David Duchovny: Schooling The Future Of Media


When Em and I made the very snap decision to put in for tickets to ‘Down and Dirty With David Duchovny’ back in February we had no idea what to expect. Having never gone to what some people were referring to a ‘cencom event’, we thought we were in for an evening of DD talking about ‘Californication’. Which was perfectly fine even though neither of us have watched a minute of the show. What we weren’t prepared for was to be as educated and interested as we were.

David said, while still answering interviewer questions, that he wanted his talk to be informative about the industry and how to get into the industry. He asked that all questions be directed toward that end and there were a lot of interesting questions asked (more on those in a moment). He talked about how he came to acting considering he has a Masters in English Lit, the struggles he faced when trying to shoot his own indie film and what it is that makes acting a job sometimes. He talked about writing and his own struggles with the craft and found the words to encourage the ’24 year olds’ in the audience, even when saying he was not the one for giving advice.

I have to admit, I leaned a lot about David Duchovny tonight that I didn’t know. He is articulate, funny, interesting and passionate in his own way about the film industry, like so many actor/directors/writers are. I just hadn’t been paying attention before tonight. He genuinely wanted to convey to everyone in that room that he, at ‘our age’, needed to hear some things that he was going to say. He encouraged the actors in the room to not sell themselves short and believe in all the work they put forward. That can translate to any facet of the film industry, IMO. Being a struggling makeup/wardrobe chick myself, these were words I needed to hear.

David started out wanting to write and got into acting by not saying no to the little things along the road. He encouraged everyone in that room to go outside their comfort zone. If you’re a writer, step in front of the camera and give it a try. When it came time for the audience to ask some questions, there were a lot of very intelligent and interesting questions asked. David answered question for 45 minutes before the moderator said there was only time for a few more. David insisted we had time for everyone. Stand up guy, David Duchovny.

By the end of it, David had talked for two hours straight which astonished us. We expected an hour of ‘Californication’ not two hours of ‘this is how I did it, now you try’. Overall, The School Of Visual Arts put on a lovely talk. We throughly enjoyed our evening and would love to return to another Cencom event.

To find out more about the evening’s talk and for further Cencom events visit http://www.cencom.org.

Psych at The Paley Center

Psych at The Paley Center

There is something almost magical about seeing an episode, film or small panel of something you love. Being in a room surrounded by people who love something just as much/maybe more than you do. That’s what makes midnight showings of movies so great, sharing the experience with others.This past Monday, Cate and I had the opportunity to attend The Paley Center’s event, “Psych-Os Alert: Shawn & Gus in the Big Apple”.*

I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning, I wouldn’t classify myself as diehard, I know there are plenty of others out there who could put me to shame, however safe to say the show is near and dear to my heart. So of course I was saddened to learn of it’s impending demise, and thrilled to hear that The Paley Center’s event for the show was being held in NYC. Even more so when the fantastical Cate, who has never seen an episode, offered to join me.

After some brief introductory speaking, we were joined, via Skype by Coexecutive producer/Writer Andy Berman, who introduced the special early screening of “A Nightmare on State Street”.


Coexecutive producer/Writer Andy Berman checking in via Skype. Photo Credit: Cate

The episode was unique in that fact that not only was it written and directed by the show’s star James Roday, but it was based upon a storyline that was voted on by the fans. If there is one thing Psych has been good at, it is listen to the wishes of their fanbase.

What’s also so great about Psych is that they managed to take an episode, which was basically a love letter to their fans, chock full of inside jokes and gags, and still manage to make it entertaining to those viewers who are not entrenched in the world of the Psych-Os.


Dulé Hill, James Roday and moderator Ally Sheedy. Photo Credit: Cate

After the episode, a small Q & A commenced with stars James Roday and Dulé Hill, moderated by the wonderful Ally Sheedy, who has appeared on the show in a major recurring guest arch.I have to say this is one of the better panels I’ve been to, in terms of audience asked questions. Aside from one instance, the fans were respectful in the fact that they just asked their question and then passed the mic on, so as to give others to opportunity to speak. Questions spanned everything from “Can you sing the theme song?” to “what’s next for you?”

After the Q & A, they screened a short clip from the series finale, cue lone tear trickling down my face. All and all it was a great night, and I really hope The Paley Center starts doing more events like this in New York.


Dulé Hill and James Roday attempting to remember the show’s theme song. Photo Credit: Cate

Psych’s finale episode, entitled “The Break Up”, will air Wednesday March 26th at 9pm EST, followed by the “After PShow” at 10:07pm EST.

But fear not Psych-Os, there is still some more fun before it’s all done. This Friday night/Saturday morning USA is running a Psych marathon starting at 12am EST and ending at 6am EST. We here at It’s All Geek to Me, will be hosting a twitter party to celebrate. Make sure to follow us at @Allgeek2meradio for all sorts of trivia, reactions, pics and mayhem to join in on the fun.

So what are your thought? Are you guys ready to say goodbye? What are your favorite Psych moments/memories? Hit up the comments and let us know.

*If your interested in viewing more awesome pictures from Monday night, you can head over to our Facebook, to check them out.