12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

For years now, we have preached the benefits of having a designated Con Binder. Something easily accessed, that has plastic sleeve to hold your photos opts, comics and other important odds and ends that one acquires at a con, and prevents wrinkling/folding/damage in general to your precious-es.

Then at some point we stumbled upon, Con*Quest Adventure Journals, which turns out is EXACTLY what we were looking for!*

What is a Con*Quest Adventure Journal? Pretty much the answer to all your con needs. Shelly and Ted came up with the brilliant idea of designing a journal specifically for Cons!

If you frequent cons, you know you amass a lot of…well STUFF. Photo ops, autographs, business cards, artwork etc, and more often than not, all that loot ends up just sitting around. In a folder, in a draw, or a neat little pile somewhere. Which, honestly is a waste. The Con*Quest Journal is basically an amazing Scrapbook for all things con!


The binder itself is full of 32 awesomely illustrated pages, in several different categories.


– There is Autograph Quest, with space for all your fave celebs/artists/writers to sign. There is even plenty of space to put pictures of them signing.


– Speaking of your fave artists, Artist Quest is perfect for your stroll down artist alley. There is plenty of space to get your faves to draw something extra cool, and once again plenty of room to put pics of them and their W.I.P.


– Cosplay is becoming more and more popular at cons and Cosplay Quest is a fabulous section designed for posting all the wonderful cosplay pics you gather.


– If you’re anything like us, you find yourself at a panel, giggling and tweeting your fave quotes. The problem them becomes going back over social media to find them later. Fear not, there’s pages for that! Panel Quest provides you with plenty of room to write down all those perfect gems.


– Let’s be honest no one ever has enough money at con. It is impossible to buy everything you want in a 3 to 4 day span. I’ve tried, and my bank account has cried. This is where Vender Quest comes in handy. You can take pics of your fave items, or right down what you saw where.


AND NOW Con Quest Journals are even more fantabulous, with their THEMED Journals! They currently offer journals themed around Supernatural, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Personally I own the Supernatural one, because reasons. The themed journals are full of original artwork, and fun little Easter eggs.


(Be sure to follow Con Quest Journals on Instagram and Twitter!)


Episode 88: Talking TV: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Discussion

Episode 88: Talking TV: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Discussion

Once again we’re talking Fear the Walking Dead! In this week’s Episode we are talking all about Zombies and a few other things, plus we got a bonus entry to win a 4 day pass to NYCC 2015. Trust us You DEF wanna listen to this one.


You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 88: Talking TV: Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Discussion) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!

Below you can find links to some of the things we discussed:

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SDCC From NYC East Cost Times for West Coast Panels

SDCC From NYC East Cost Times for West Coast Panels

It’s that time of year again CON TIME! SDCC is back, and for those of us not lucky enough to be in attendance, the free livestreams of panels are our geeky life blood. Since it’s inception Nerd HQ, has always provided those of those of us on the interweb with a link to watch their amazing Conversations for a Cause panels, allowing geeklings all over the world to partake in the joy that is the annual convention. Last night,  Nerd HQ released some of their panel times, which of course are all listed in PT.

But because we over here at It’s All Geek to Me love you so much, once again we decided to make it a little easier for you you east coasters to catch the panels you really wanna see. After the cut you can find the East Coast times for this year’s Nerd HQ panels/events happening at SDCC.

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Con Man – Shut Up and Take My Money

Con Man – Shut Up and Take My Money

We are big fans of Firefly, cons and all things geeky. So when you offer up the chance to combine those things? We. Are. In. So when Alan Tudyk announced his new project Con Man on indiegogo we were positively giddy.

Click below for more info.

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A Geek’s Guide to Surviving Not Being at SDCC…

A Geek’s Guide to Surviving Not Being at SDCC…

It’s that lovely time of year again, time for San Diego Comic Con! Unfortunately not all of us are, for various reasons, able to to attend the Promised Land. Just because you are not at SDCC, doesn’t mean you can’t still have some geektastic fun this weekend. So, what’s a geek to do? Click below for some fun suggestions.


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Episode 44: The Fall Line Up!

Episode 44: The Fall Line Up!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 44: The Fall Line Up!) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:

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Episode 28: Your Weekly Geekly Gone Irish!

Episode 28: Your Weekly Geekly Gone Irish!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 28: Your Weekly Geekly Gone Irish!) HERE, in archives.

And below you can find links to some of the things we talked about on the show:

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The First Annual It’s All Geek to Me Radio NYCC Scavenger Hunt!

The time has come, to reveal the list for the First Annual Official It’s all Geek to Me Radio NYCC Scavenger Hunt!*


The rules are simple, below is a list of items you need to find at NYCC 2013. To make things easier all items on the list are digital, meaning that all you need to submit is a photo of it to us. Easy peasy right? Each item on the list has been categorized into a point level, different items are worth different amounts of points, based on the level of difficulty we, your lovely hosts Cate & Em, have perceived them to be. Collect as many items as you can and submit the pictures of them, as well as your name, and twitter handle to us at Itsallgeektomeradio@gmail.com by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, 10/13, for your chance to win. Once we have all the contest entries we will tally the scores and announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners on the air on 10/20. Yup that’s right, there will be THREE winners.


What’s a contest without prizes right? Here over at It’s All Geek to Me Radio we believe that hard work should be rewarded. Here’s where you gotta trust us a little bit. We have tons of fun things in our geeky giveaway arsenal, including a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of Marvel’s The Avengers, assorted geeky t-shirts, comics and promo material. Not to mention, the insanely awesome crafty abilities of Cate and the fact that we shall be at NYCC and therefore picking up some stuff to add to the bounty.  Follow us on twitter at @allgeek2meradio where we will periodically post pictures of the prizes from now til the end of the contest. Trust us it’s gonna be good.



5 points

-Katie Cook mini painting

-Picture of someone dressed as a femme!doctor

-Picture of child in cosplay

– Jayne hat

-Picture of someone dressed as a Zombie

-Picture of someone doing the Nerdfighter symbol

-Brian Kong trading card

-A Doctor Who button

-A mini top hat

10 points

-A Doctor Whooves T-Shirt

-Picture of a quidich match

-Picture of a geeky tatoo

-Picture of a Link & Zelda (together)

-Picture of someone wearing a Harry Potter house tie (15 points if Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff)

-Picture of a Brony

-Geeky Socks

20 points

-Picture of Chris Hardwick moderating

-Single issues of  The Dreamer Comic

-Picture of someone dressed as Rick Grimes

-Picture of someone dressed as the 9th Doctor

-An X-Files button

-A copy of Hollow Earth (30 points if its signed by John Barrowman)

-Picture of someone dressed a Sam & Dean Winchester (together)

25 points

-Picture of an animal dressed up for NYCC

-Picture of any steam punk version of a Marvel Character

-Picture of any steam punk version of a DC Character

-Dan Slott autograph

-Picture of John Barrowman

-A cosplayer on the streets of NYC

50 points

-Stan Lee autograph

-Picture with someone dressed as an Ood

-Picture of a “celebrity” in cosplay

-Picture of some one dressed as Richard Castle

-Picture of anyone dressed as a character from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

-Picture with Cat & EM (55 points if they are in Cosplay)

-Picture of a booth with  X-files merch (the x-files merch must be in the shot)

-Picture of someone dressed as Mulder or Scully (150 points if they are together)

-Picture of a robotic R2D2

100 points

-Picture of a guy dressed as the *male version of a normally female character (*NOT JUST CROSS DRESSING)

-Picture of someone buying an actual comic at comic con

-Picture of a child dressed as Ewok

-Picture of someone dressed as a Silent Hill Nurse

Good luck everyone!

~ Cate & EM

*Please Note, we are not affiliated with NYCC, we just happen to doing an event that coincides with theirs. Please feel free to email us with any questions/concerns at itsallgeektomeradio@gmail.com



Congrats to our Winner: Leslie!


Ladies and gentlemen, the time is finally upon us. The time for throngs of people to come together to celebrate collective geekery. To watch previews of upcoming movies and shows. To hear panels from your favorite actors/writers/authors/artists. To dress up as your favorite characters and act a little kooky.

That’s right, it is time for the masses to defend upon San Diego, California for SDCC 2013. Yeay!Except, what if you, like us, are one of the millions of geeklings who aren’t there? Fear not, we are here to help ease the pain. Two years ago, we created what we have lovingly dubbed SDCC from NYC. With the emergence of Nerd HQ, who amazingly live streams all their panels, we were now able to share in the fun, so we took to Twitter.Once again, we will be tweeting thoughts, reactions and random geekery, this time from our new joint account, which you should follow by the way, @allgeek2meradio with the hashtag #SDCCfromNYC. However, this year we are taking it a step further by launching our new podcast/radio show It’s All Geek to Me. Stay tuned for first air date.

Between the two of us we have a vast and varied knowledge of pop culture, which is one of or favorite things to talk about. We’re gonna be coming to you weekly talking about all sorts of things, like tv, movies, comics, theatre, and just about everything in between. It is a great time to be a geek, and we want to celebrate that with you. So join us for fun and mild debauchery.

-Cate & EM