12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – Con Quest Journals

For years now, we have preached the benefits of having a designated Con Binder. Something easily accessed, that has plastic sleeve to hold your photos opts, comics and other important odds and ends that one acquires at a con, and prevents wrinkling/folding/damage in general to your precious-es.

Then at some point we stumbled upon, Con*Quest Adventure Journals, which turns out is EXACTLY what we were looking for!*

What is a Con*Quest Adventure Journal? Pretty much the answer to all your con needs. Shelly and Ted came up with the brilliant idea of designing a journal specifically for Cons!

If you frequent cons, you know you amass a lot of…well STUFF. Photo ops, autographs, business cards, artwork etc, and more often than not, all that loot ends up just sitting around. In a folder, in a draw, or a neat little pile somewhere. Which, honestly is a waste. The Con*Quest Journal is basically an amazing Scrapbook for all things con!


The binder itself is full of 32 awesomely illustrated pages, in several different categories.


– There is Autograph Quest, with space for all your fave celebs/artists/writers to sign. There is even plenty of space to put pictures of them signing.


– Speaking of your fave artists, Artist Quest is perfect for your stroll down artist alley. There is plenty of space to get your faves to draw something extra cool, and once again plenty of room to put pics of them and their W.I.P.


– Cosplay is becoming more and more popular at cons and Cosplay Quest is a fabulous section designed for posting all the wonderful cosplay pics you gather.


– If you’re anything like us, you find yourself at a panel, giggling and tweeting your fave quotes. The problem them becomes going back over social media to find them later. Fear not, there’s pages for that! Panel Quest provides you with plenty of room to write down all those perfect gems.


– Let’s be honest no one ever has enough money at con. It is impossible to buy everything you want in a 3 to 4 day span. I’ve tried, and my bank account has cried. This is where Vender Quest comes in handy. You can take pics of your fave items, or right down what you saw where.


AND NOW Con Quest Journals are even more fantabulous, with their THEMED Journals! They currently offer journals themed around Supernatural, Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Personally I own the Supernatural one, because reasons. The themed journals are full of original artwork, and fun little Easter eggs.


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