Carter Commendation – ‘Female Agents’: The French WWII film on Netflix that you need to watch

Carter Commendation – ‘Female Agents’: The French WWII film on Netflix that you need to watch

Hello, Carterettes! Small introduction to this post: an idea that I have had for a long time is to write a recurring blog post about things (films, books, comics, etc.) that are about kickass women like our favorite SSR Agent, Peggy Carter. Think of it as a recommendation for things that you may also like if you enjoy Marvel’s Agent Carter.

For my first commendation, I have chosen to feature the film Female Agents, based on a true story. Set in 1944, close to the end of WWII, in London,  Lieutenant Pierre Desfontaines assigns his sister, Louise Desfontaines to convince three women to join her on a five-woman task force to rescue a British geologist from a German hospital. Louise and Pierre force a prostitute (Jeanne Faussier) that is imprisoned for murdering her pimp; an explosives expert (Gaëlle Lemenech) that misses action; and a former dancer and fiancé of Colonel Karl Heindrich (Suzy Desprez) using blackmail and unethical methods to fly to France and join the Italian agent already in the assignment. Are you intrigued yet?


Simple plot line intrigue is not the only reason you should watch this film. Whereas many war films tend to show the story from the male point of view, very few focus on the female. Female Agents follows the five women that are tasked with a mission that quickly escalated and changes. We see their fear, their anxiety, their tears and their heart. We watch them grow, watching them struggle and watching them become more than just fellow agents. This film is challenging and brutal in its realistic depiction of what these agents went through to keep their government’s secrets and accomplish their missions. It shows us a time that, although we don’t want to remember, we should never forget for fear of repeating ourselves.


The cinematography, they acting, the costumes, and the story all combine to create a film that is a must-see for so many reasons. Be warned, there is nudity (not sexual), violence and swearing (in other languages). The film is also mostly in French and subtitled, but that takes very little away from the story.

This Carter Commendation gets five stars. I do hope you will give it a watch.