Episode 86: SDCC From NYC Wrap up!

Episode 86:  SDCC From NYC Wrap up!

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 86:  SDCC From NYC Wrap up!) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!

Below you can find links to some of the things we discussed as well as Bonus content on all things SDCC.

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East Coast Times for West Coast Panels

For those of us geeks who can not be in attendance at SDCC this year, the free livestreams of panels are a godsend. Since it’s inception Nerd HQ, has always provided those of those of us on the interweb with a link to watch their Conversations for a Cause panels, for which we will ever be grateful. Below are the East Coast times for this year’s Nerd HQ panels/events happening at SDCC.

Thursday 7/18

12pm – Psych

2:30pm – Seth Green & Stoopid Buddy

5:45pm – NASA JPL

7pm – Maze Runner

8pm – PBS Sherlock

9pm – Zac Levi

Friday 7/19

12:30pm – Hannibal

2pm – Zac Levi & Mystery Guests

3:15pm – I, Frankenstein

6pm – Orphan Black

6:30pm – RIDDICK

7:15pm – 300: Rise of an Empire

8:15pm – Joe Manganiello

9:30pm – Haven

Saturday 7/20

1pm – Joss Whedon

2:30pm – The Thrilling Adventure Hour

3:45pm – Tiny Commando

5pm – Doctor Who

6pm – Kickass 2

7pm – Evangeline Lily

8:15pm – NTSF/Childrens Hospital

Sunday 7/21

12am – Serenity in Park with Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk (not a livestream panel)

2pm – Nathan Fillion

3:30pm – Nathan Fillion #2

5pm – Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

More panels, info and livestream links to follow, so keep checking back!