Comics Corner: Geek-Girl #2

Recently we were asked to take a look at the second installment of the Geek-Girl mini series published by Markosia. A comic about an awesome college student who gets magical powers and becomes a superhero, is totally up our alley and so we were super excited to take a look. Click below to check out a preview and find out more.

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How Arrow Ruined Laurel Lance…

I first have to say the I love Arrow, I mean I L-O-V-E LOVE it. It is one of the few shows I make it a point of watching the night it airs, and while some characters, most even are pretty fleshed out, complex even one has always bothered me. Laurel Lance. I will come out and say it I HATE Dinah Laurel Lance. No hate or disrespect to Kate Cassidy, let us not forget folks, actors are different from the characters they play.

Besides, it’s not entirely her fault I have such a dislike for the character. The Powers That Be over at Arrow have royally mistreated her. Let’s break it down by season shall we?


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