Kate Mulgrew: Commanding The Free Library of Philadelphia

A few weeks back I posted my reaction/review to Kate Mulgrew’s NY Times best selling memoir ‘Born With Teeth.’ Last night, the Free Library of Philadelphia hosted a book signing and talk back with Kate to promote the book and give us all a bit of inflection to go along with her words. She read three selected passages from her book before making us all roar with laughter for another 35 minutes of questions.

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‘Born With Teeth’ – A memoir of a life lived passionately by Kate Mulgrew

Eagerly anticipated are the wrong words for how I felt about getting this memoir in my hands. Vibrating with excitement is probably a better way to describe it, although excitement seems too girlish. I first learned of its existence last fall on Facebook, of all places, and marked the preorder date in my phone calendar because I would be damned if I was going to miss it and not have it arrive on my doorstep as soon as possible. Kate Mulgrew is more than an actress, more than the character of Kathryn Janeway to my teenage mind looking for a hero. She is a woman just like all of us and she has lived a life that can not be described in one word or fifty.

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Fave Five Fridays: Friends Forever….

Last week we brought your our Fave Five Romantic Pairings, but let’s be honest, romance isn’t the only kind of love.  Friendship is an important part of life. Family isn’t always blood after all. So click before to see our favorite friendships.

Fair Warning…there be SPOILERS AHEAD


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Star Trek: Voyager – 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago on this day, the Federation Starship Voyager got lost in the badlands and was transported 70,000 light years across the galaxy. Her crew lead us on a seven year journey that (for some of us) changed our lives and theirs. Now, twenty years later, we take a look at who they are, what they have done and where they have gone since.

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