It’s All Geek To Me Radio’s Guardians of the Galaxy LIVE SHOW!

We’ve been bitten by the Live show bug. On Monday night we went live on Facebook and  BOTH on Our Instagram account @allgeektomeradio AND Cate’s cosplay page @Starbuck_Cosplay . The full show is now available on our Facebook page, we’ve included the link to the show and a bunch of bonus links, just because we love you so.

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It’s All Geek To Me Radio’s May The 4th Be With You LIVE SHOW!

Hey Geek, after a mess of life changes, we are BACK! What better way to come back than with a May the 4th Live show. We had a bit of a hiccup and were unable to get the show on Facebook LIVE, but we did appear on BOTH on Our Instagram account @allgeektomeradio AND Cate’s cosplay page @Starbuck_Cosplay . Only problem is once you stream something on Instagram Live it is lost in the ether never to be seen again.

Unless you are SUPER crafty and also record your session, and we are nothing if not SUPER crafty. The full show is now available on our YouTube channel, and also embedded below the cut with a bunch of bonus links.

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Episode 96: NYCC 2016 Wrap Up!

Hey guys!

We’re back, and only slightly worse for wear, from four glorious and fun-filled days at  New York Comic Con! Naturally it only makes sense that we do a full on wrap up.

You can listen to the most recent episode of our show, (Episode 96: NYCC 2016 Wrap Up!) HERE, in archives. OR now we are on iTunes, so you can now download us directly on to your listening device of choice!

Below you can find links to some BONUS links because we love you all that much!:

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Jason Aaron Signs Agreement with Marvel for ‘The Mighty Thor’

One of my favorite books to read this year had been Thor by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. Making Thor a woman was not the only reason  enjoyed this book, although that was a big plus. Aaron’s writing is singular and wonderful, making you ache for the next issue like it’s Christmas. I will admit, when we ultimately found out who Thor was, I was a bit let down, but I will continue to read and enjoy most anything Aaron chooses to do. It is a big bonus that Dauterman is on board for this next venture in Marvel comics.

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