Thor Issue #3, Who IS She?!

The great debate surrounding this amazing run of Thor has been, quite simply: Who IS she? I was hoping that we would get a glimpse into just who might be the woman worth enough to wield Mjolnir, but alas, issue 3 proved to be like the two before it: action-packed and interesting, but lacking in the naming department.

The interesting (SPOILER) thing in this issue was Thor, having lost touch (yes, physical touch) with Mjolnir, begins to transform back into her weaker self. The hammer has given her strength beyond her understanding. Which brings me to my new theory on who she is … rather, my comic shop guy’s theory which I am now adopting.

While I would love love love her to be Valkyrie, the thoughts she has are not the ones of a woman who is Thor’s match. That being said, my new theory (or comic shop guy’s theory, if you must) is that she is Jane Foster. Think about it. Plausible. While I am no where near a fan of the character of Jane Foster, it works.

Who do YOU think she is?

Fave Five Fridays: Female Comic Book Characters Edition

Fave Five Fridays: Female Comic Book Characters Edition

Happy Friday Geeklings! Time to celebrate the coming weekend with some silliness.

We happen to be suckers for awesome female characters, which really shouldn’t be all that surprising. So, this week’s Fave Five is taking a look at the Female Characters in Comic books whom we adore . Click below to check it out:

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